Year 8 Options

An introduction to choosing your options. 


Introduction to Year 8 Options Video 2021

Options Presentation

Our curriculum has been designed to enable all students at Lincroft to reach their full potential. We aim to encourage students to study a range of subjects that are suited not only to their academic abilities but can also develop them as individuals and encourage the development of positive attitudes.

Students will follow core subjects in line with national expectations.  In addition, students are required to choose 'options'. A video and summary specification for each subject that is being offered as an option is available to view on the 'Options Online Resources & Subject Information' page. 

When making their choices, students need to think about where studying those subjects can lead to in terms of courses in Sixth Form, in higher education and also in the world of work, as well as considering their own aptitude and interest.

Option Blocks

BLOCK A Choose any one of the following: 
Combined Science  *Triple Science (You MUST also choose Physics in Block C) 




BLOCK B  Choose any ONE of the following:
History #Geography

Note: If you wish to study BOTH History and Geography then you will need to choose Geography in Block B and History in Block D.

OPTION BLOCK C, D and E: Choose ONE preferred subject and indicate a reserve subject in each block.

*Physics (Triple Science)  History French 
Dance Physical Education German
Drama Design Technology Spanish
Music Food & Nutrition Religious Studies (1)
Sociology Art & Design Business GCSE
Business BTEC Film Studies Media Studies
  Computer Science Design Technology
    Health & Social Care









1) If your child has NOT opted to study GCSE Religious Studies, you will need to confirm that you are exercising your right under the 1996 Education Act, section 71 to withdraw your child from receiving Religious Education. 

# I understand that if my son / daughter opts for GCSE Geography there is compulsory fieldwork which incurs a financial payment. The school may be able to offer financial support for those students that may need it providing the school is notified in advance. 

Please note: A course will only run if sufficient students opt for it in each block. In the event of oversubscription, a student's reserve choice will be taken into consideration together with the relevance of the subject to stated career aspirations.

All Year 8 priority contact parents have been emailed the Options choice form on 19 January, please update the school administration team (​) if you not received this or need to update your email address with the school.