Year 7 Transfer for September 2019


Please find additional documents attached at the bottom of the page that are relevant to Year 6 students who have accepted places for September 2019.


Transfer Days 9 & 10 July 2019, 8:45am drop off 3:45pm finish

What To Wear On Transfer Days

Weather dependent, please ensure your child has a rain coat or suncream for break/ lunch time and any outdoor class work.

Tuesday: Please wear your current Primary school uniform and school shoes.

Wednesday: Please wear your current Primary PE kit and trainers.


School Timings Of The Day For Year 7 During Transfer Days

To keep traffic to a minimum during the transfer days, we are changing the timings of the day for the new Year 7.

8:45am drop off 3:45pm finish

If you reside in Bromham and your child will use the school bus you will arrive at our normal earlier time, staff will be at the front of the school to meet your child and escort them in to the Sports Hall. At the end of the day all of Year 7 will also leave from the Sports Hall. Students residing in Bromham are able to catch the school bus home which departs Lincroft between 3:30pm and 3:45pm; staff will ensure your child is on the correct bus.

School Travel Information During Transfer Days

The Local Authority have arranged for students who reside in Bromham to use the current School buses on Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th July. Staff at school will ensure that the new students are met off the bus and they get on the right bus at the end of each day.

Students from Oakley and Clapham are expected to walk to school, it is deemed by the Local Authority that if you reside in these areas it is a safe walking distance. There is a bus that runs to and from Clapham, this is operated as a commercial service by Stagecoach and students have to pay the standard fare.

Students coming from outside of our catchment villages are encouraged to share transport wherever possible. Station Road is an extremely busy road at the beginning and end of the school day, we offer a limited amount of parking at The New Field for student pick up and drop off but would encourage you to park away from the school and allow students to use the number of footpaths through Oakley to walk in. Please find enclosed a copy of our Safety for Pedestrians and Road Users letter. Please note there is a strict rule of no u-turns or pulling into the school drive at peak times of the day. Any student that holds a disability permit can also obtain a parking permit from Lincroft which will allow you to park on the school site to drop off / pick up your child.

At 3:45pm our school buses depart the school site and on these days if you are collecting by car you will be able to pull into the school drive after this time and collect your child /children if you are car sharing. The students will be on the front lawn looking out for you at 3:45pm; there is no need to park up!

What To Bring On Transfer Days

A rucksack or school bag that can be carried round with your child throughout the day. (Please note this will be left in an unlocked classroom during break and lunch times).Snack or money for break timePacked lunch or money for lunch time (see Chartwells dining information for costs)Pencil CaseNote PadWater Bottle – students are permitted to drink water at any time during the school day, provided it is safe to do so, which may be replenished at one of the cooled water dispensers during break or lunch time. This is particularly important during the hot summer months.

Mobile Phones and Personal Belongings

Whilst the majority of families have signed the mobile phone policy, we would remind you that it ensures that phones are kept locked in lockers. As your child will not have access to a locker during transfer days we would not expect ‘Year 7’ to have their mobile phones with them on these days. Please be aware that the students will be expected to carry their school bag and belongings with them during the 9th and 10th July and they wil be left in unlocked classrooms during break and lunch times.

Chartwells Menus & Dietary Requirements

During Transfer Days we will be in week 3 of the menu cycle, full details of Chartwells and their documents can be found under the 'Students' tab on our website. Please click here for the link to the menus and dietary requirements, form should you need to complete this.



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