Autistic Spectrum Learning Provision

A Brief History

Lincroft has had a Provision for students with Autism since 2007 following the closure of Rainbow Special School. At this point a small group of students with Autism moved to Lincroft with their support staff. They were initially housed in 2 mobile classrooms on the Lincroft site. In 2009 the Provision moved into its permanent ‘home’ in a purpose built Learning Centre at the heart of the school.

In 2011 it was agreed with Bedford Borough that students within the Provision classes could remain at Lincroft until the age of 16, however as we had no cohort for these students on site at Lincroft at this time a ‘satellite’ class was created at Sharnbrook Academy with students transferring into this class at the start of Year 9.

From September 2017 Lincroft became a Secondary School and therefore students within the Provision no longer transfer to Sharnbrook, remaining with their mainstream peers at Lincroft. However the satellite class will remain on the Sharnbrook site until July 2019 to allow all current students to complete their studies.

Admission to the Provision

All students in the Provision classes must have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC plan) and a diagnosis of Autism/ASC and are placed by Bedford Borough Council via a Specialist Panel. Applications for a place must be made via Bedford Borough SEN Team and not directly with the school although we do welcome requests for visits/tours directly. Please note that this application process is very formal and in our experience can often take several months to complete.


We currently have a 28 place provision for students with Autism which is divided between 4 classes of up to 8 students.

Our students are aged from Year 5 (9) to Year 11 (16).

At the moment students in Years 5 - 9 are on the Lincroft site and students in Years 10 - 11 are based at Sharnbrook.

By September 2019 all students in the Provision will be based at Lincroft.

Each of these classes are led by a qualified teacher who is supported by a team of experienced HTLA’s and TA’s.

All students in the Provision classes have personalised timetables which will include lessons with their mainstream peers (Inclusion) as well as small group or even 1:1 lessons.