Labour Market Information

LMI helps students explore and investigate key aspects of a particular area of employment.

  • The sectors, industries and businesses that operate there
  • The jobs that exist
  • The number and type of vacancies available
  • The sectors and the industries that are predicted to grow and increase in the coming years.
  • Travel to work routes
  • The kind of skills that are/will be needed by industries and businesses
  • Pay and progression routes.

Interpreting and narrowing down LMI that is applicable to a young person’s needs can become overwhelming, it is therefore better to start researching areas of interest and concentrate on those industries. We also recommend looking local resources.

Take time to reflect on your own understanding:

  • How up-to-date are you?
  • How much has changed since your family went to university?
  • What routes are there other than university?

We would like to help ensure our students are aware of how their subject and course choices can open career options, but can also close them down.

We know that it is crucial that young people need to hear about careers, work and job roles from the ‘experts’ – the people doing those jobs.

We encourage students to ask visitors, speakers and employers about their career progression routes – we know that it helps them recognise that paths are not necessarily linear and throw up some unexpected career choices.

Please see the documents below to further your understanding of current LMI in Bedfordshire.

Check back for regular updates!

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