CMAT Curriculum

Our curriculum in Key Stages three and four is shaped with the aim that every student can succeed across a broad and balanced range of subjects. It also aims to offer social, moral, spiritual and cultural education and opportunities both within and beyond the classroom. Work-related learning is an equally important strand, as we aim to meet all the ‘Gatsby Benchmarks’ for high quality careers advice, information and guidance.

CMAT curriculum – Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 (Years 7-11)

Our curriculum is designed to provide tailored, flexible routes through each academy. These are created through the combination of a range of courses and sensitive, flexible setting and grouping arrangements. The organisation of the curriculum is reviewed and refined annually depending on the size, profile and needs within each individual academy.

If you want to read more about the Curriculum principles in CMAT Academies then please see the subject overviews below which include our outline of minimum expected curriculum delivery time.

Subject Curriculum Overviews

The documents below give an overview of the aims, content and methods of delivery in subjects delivered across CMAT secondary academies. Not all academies deliver every subject, but all who do follow common curriculum aims. We are continuing to work collaboratively on curriculum content that shares some common features but also reflects the local context and opportunities for each individual academy. This approach enables staff to share expertise and workload across our academies, and for our students to benefit from a curriculum developed with the input of the very best subject experts across our family of academies. These curriculum overviews have been developed by our specialist subject curriculum groups, each of whom include representatives from every CMAT academy.

These overviews are regularly reviewed and we will update these overviews at least annually as our subject experts develop our curriculum collaboratively.

Please click on this link to view the CMAT Curriculum Overview 

Where there is a slight change to the curriculum due to the GCSE examination board, the subject specific curriculum overview has been uploaded below:  

KS3 Geography CMAT Curriculum Lincroft Update
KS4 Geography CMAT Curriculum Lincroft Update