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Home-School Agreement

A young person’s time at a secondary school is relatively short in comparison to their entire life, yet it will have a huge influence on who they become and what they do in the future. Here at Lincroft Academy, we want our students to have an enjoyable 5-year journey with us that is full of rich experiences to support their holistic development as well as access to outstanding teaching and learning where they will move on to the next stage of their education and life with great academic qualifications and the qualities as a person to be successful.

We aim to:

• Develop GREAT QUALITIES in our students so they have the character to be successful and make a positive difference in society

• Support the achievement of EXCELLENT ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS through outstanding teaching and learning and stretching students to reach their academic potential

• Provide AMAZING ENRICHMENT EXPERIENCES where students will build great memories and develop universal skills beyond the curriculum

• Create a SAFE AND SUPPORTIVE ENVIRONMENT that allows our students to feel a sense of belonging to our school, a pride in what we all achieve together and the resilience to meet the academic, social and emotional pressures of moving through a secondary school.
To reach these aims, a positive relationship between school, parents and the student is essential. The Home-School Agreement identifies each parties’ role so they can work in partnership to support the child to be the very best learner and person they can be. The Home-School Agreement is reviewed each year to reflect policy changes and improvements, such as race equality and inclusion.

The following statement is central to the Home-School Agreement:

All students have the right:
• to learn

• to a well-equipped and safe environment

• to equal access to the school, its curriculum and activities

• to dignity and respect regardless of individual needs and any of the Protected Characteristics in law and to   feel accepted and welcomed

• to feel secure and safe at all times in school

School’s role in the Home-School Agreement

Lincroft Academy will strive to provide the best environment possible to support every member of our school community. Each student will have a form tutor, who is their pivotal professional adult in their education. Where there are concerns or issues, all staff are trained to support every child at the school and will willingly listen to every student if the need arises. Our key role is to provide a safe and supportive environment where students can make progress academically and develop holistically. Lincroft Academy will:

• Teach lessons that are suitably challenging to stretch students to make progress
• Offer Career guidance during their time at the school
• Deliver a positive Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education alongside academic qualifications
• Provide opportunities beyond the classroom to enrich students’ experiences of school, i.e. Sports Fixtures and Duke of Edinburgh awards
• Work with specialist agencies to support individual needs
• Ensure all staff are appropriately trained to deal with any safeguarding issues that may arise
• Communicate regularly to parents regarding school matters
• Communicate academic information about your child during the year

Student’s role in the Home-School Agreement

A safe and supportive learning environment is essential in any successful school. Our ‘Lincroft Way’ encourages students to show self-discipline and be responsible for the consequences of their actions. We expect high standards of attendance and punctuality, friendly and thoughtful behaviour towards others, and for students to prepare themselves for lessons and learning. Students are expected to:

• Wear the correct uniform every day
• Have the correct equipment for learning every day
• Arrive on time to school and their lessons throughout the day
• Follow staff instructions to support their learning and contribute to a calm and safe environment
• Ensure their mobile phone and headphones are turned off and placed in their bag before they enter the school premises if they choose to bring them to school
• Treat every member of our school community with respect
• Use ICT equipment appropriately
• Move around the site in a calm and safe manner

Parent’s role in the Home-School Agreement

A parents’ involvement in their child’s education is crucial if they are to be successful during their time here at Lincroft Academy. Those parents who take an active interest in helping organise their child, discussing with them how school is going, encouraging their child to do their best and attending Parents’ Evening, can have a significant impact on their child’s success.
Parents can support their child and the school by:

• Encouraging their child to try their best and demonstrate high effort levels
• Ensuring their child is punctual to school, have the right equipment and are in the correct school uniform
• Ensuring their child is completing their homework and preparing suitably for tests and examinations
• Encouraging them to take an active part in enrichment activities beyond the school day to develop their universal skills such as confidence and team work
• Attending Parents’ Evening and checking communications from the school (usually email) regularly
• Communicating to the school when there are concerns or issues
• Working with their child on how they can keep themselves safe in the local community and online / social media

Lincroft Academy is a CMAT school that aims to deliver, promote and inspire high quality educational provision in schools at the heart of their local communities so that Every Child is a successful learner, confident individual, and responsible and employable citizen.