Consultation Regarding Playing Fields at Lincroft School

Sharnbrook Academy Federation are consulting regarding the playing fields at Lincroft School in Oakley. An important part of this process is establishing the views of all stakeholders. We will be holding a drop in event at The Pilgrim Centre, Lincroft School on Thursday 3rd March from 6pm – 8pm, you are welcome to attend to ask representatives from SAF any questions you may have during this consultation process.

The Sharnbrook Academy Federation consultation is:

“Would you support the establishment of a self-contained Academy Campus, incorporating new teaching and sports facilities including a 3G pitch. The sports facilities would be located on land directly opposite the school and may be offered for use by the public. A new safer approach to the access to the school and car parking would also be created.

This would be achieved by the Academy acquiring land (44,500 square metres) opposite the existing Campus and incorporating it into the Academy Campus and by the Academy disposing of the existing playing field (46,700 square metres) which is separate to the Academy Campus. The Academy currently has 46,700 square metres of playing field land. Following completion of the proposed land transaction, the Academy would have 54,800 square metres of playing field land, 10,300 square metres of which would be attributable to the new 3G pitch.

Playing field land means land in the open air which is provided for the purposes of physical education or recreation. When calculating the size of playing field land artificial pitches are to be included at double their superficial area as they can be used more than a grass pitch throughout the year.”

Click here to view a plan of the proposed Lincroft campus